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B2B Marketing – The Most Common and Dangerous Marketing Mistake

“Are you throwing a desperate Hail Mary into a crowd of strangers, or regularly talking to friends that have come to know, like and trust you?”  The question was asked by CopyBlogger in today’s email update that I subscribe to.

Boy did they nail it.

They are talking about panic marketing.  They are talking about broadcast marketing.  Suddenly the pipeline is empty, and something needs to be done.

I do a presentation called Emergency Lead Generation.  It has three steps:

  1. Turn to your referral partners.
  2. Re-connect with old leads.
  3. Commit to never putting yourself in this position again.  Commit to an ongoing and engaged marketing plan.

People buy from people.  A relationship is required and relationships take time.  We learn about one another bit by bit, conversation by conversation.

When asked, most business owners tell me most of their business comes from referrals.  Referrals arise due to someone knowing, liking and trusting you and recommending you to someone who knows, likes and trusts them.

So why do we do a Jekyll and Hyde on all other marketing behaviors?  Why do we slap together a newsletter or whip up an email campaign, throw it out there and hope for the best?

Because the habit of strategic marketing has not been embraced.

When we write the newsletter do we think about what our customers might want to hear or just what we want to tell them?  When we pull together an email campaign are we crafting a message that shows we truly understand their challenges and have been there before and provided a cure or do we just dress up what we want to sell, drop back and toss it up?

The CopyBlogger email links to a post by Seth Godin who compares promoting a book with marketing in general and concludes: “Selling to strangers… that’s getting harder and harder and less effective every day.”

How are you making your marketing more effective and designed to turn strangers into friends?  Please share in the comments section.


2 Responses to B2B Marketing – The Most Common and Dangerous Marketing Mistake

  1. Dawn, you nailed it here. I just discovered this not too long ago. I started a blog in March of 2009, reaching out to an international audience. It’s only now after two years of blogging, publishing an eBook, and doing small low dollar mini-projects for some of my readers that I am finally getting hired for larger projects. It has taken them this long to get to know, like and trust me. If I hadn’t started blogging two years go, I would have never gotten the clients I do now. Great post Dawn!

    • Dawn says:

      It really is a long haul and it requires the patience to lay the bricks of the foundation. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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