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B2B Marketing – Google Alerts a Consultant’s Best Friend

I love Google Alerts.  I have Google Alerts set up for my clients, their customers, their competitors, their keywords, my keywords, products, industries, and other areas of interest.

If you are a consultant you know that it would be ideal to have your client completely focused and plugged into working “on” the business when they talk to you.  Reality can be very different.  Due to cash flow pressures and revenue ups and downs, often business owners are so preoccupied with working “in” the business that they don’t share with you the very things that could help you loosen the bottlenecks for them.

Enter Google Alerts.  Often, I find out about key things regarding my clients through Google alerts.  They’ve got a thousand things on their mind and they forget to mention that there’s a new version of software available or a new complementary product or service.

Google Alerts is an indispensible tool in my toolbox.

In addition to helping me keep tabs on my clients, here are some other benefits of Google Alerts:

  • Gives me ideas for blog and thought leadership articles for my site as well as my clients’ sites.
  • When you see a name or website repeatedly showing up under key words, they’re doing something right.  It’s worth investigating their site and seeing if they’re doing something you’re not.
  • Provides ideas and links for Twitter updates.
  • Alerts on prospects allow me to send a note or email congratulating on their news. This differentiates me from competitors who only contact them to ask if they’re ready to spend money.

What do you use Google Alerts for?  Please share your tips and ideas in the comments section.

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2 Responses to B2B Marketing – Google Alerts a Consultant’s Best Friend

  1. Wayne Schulz says:

    I use alerts all the time — for primarily the same things. I also set up alerts for Twitter handles (@name) .

    One thing I find that I have to be cautious about is the freshness of the alerts. I’ve seen some sites pick up two year old news and it gets recycled through alerts so I always try to double check the alert.

    • Dawn says:

      It sure is quirky – isn’t it?

      Also, if I find a nugget, I’ll also do a search to see what else is out there that didn’t appear in alerts. Speaking of old news – I have an alert set up for MAS 90 and I got an alert (either yesterday or the day before) on a review Carlton Collins had written in 2003.

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