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B2B Marketing – What’s It Like to Work with You? Does Your Website Tell the Story?

When I get an inquiry from a business owner who is interested in working with me, the first thing I do is visit their website.  I operate from the premise that your website and blog should be the center of your marketing universe.  Most everything you communicate should flow from and return to your website.

I look to see if sections like “news” or “events” are current.  I look for opportunities to download information (are the forms prohibitive or is the process easy).  I look to see if there is a blog and if there is, who is contributing, how frequently are posts being added.  I read several posts to try and get a sense of “voice” and originality.

I take a moment to think about what a prospect might be looking for – is the product and service offering clear?  Are they success stories?  Customer comments?

Most of the time there is no sense of voice.  The pages and blog posts sound corporate and written to the lowest common denominator.  Jargon exists instead of voice.  Clinical feature lists exist instead of originality.

This approach requires that visitors to your website connect what limited dots are provided and somehow divine how the products and services might work for them and how you might assist them.

I suppose there are a freak or two of nature that might be willing to do this, but that’s not going to be enough to keep the lights on.

Prospects must take a journey through the Marketing Hourglass of Know-Like-Trust-Try-Buy-Repeat-Refer.  Jargon and flimsy information are not going to budge them in the least.

Why do you do better when you are face to face?  I would suggest that you do better because the prospect can hear your passion, see your expertise, listen to you create a vision of how you can help and how they can benefit.  As they listen, see, and imagine – they are getting a sense of you.

Your website and blog can be powerful propellants when it comes to the Marketing Hourglass.  They just need to reflect you.  I’m guessing your not defined by a collection of industry buzz words and a couple of spec sheets.  I’m guessing there is richness, depth, and many fascinating examples of what you’ve done for your customers – all waiting to be told online.

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