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Living in Central Texas conditions are regularly extreme.  Extreme heat.  Extreme thunder storms.  Extreme ice storms.

In the fall, usually a break in the triple digit weather punctuates the end of summer.  This year, following a record-breaking, extreme drought, devastating fires are punctuating the end of summer.

There are grim news stories and alerts – the tragic loss of life, dozens losing homes, many more with damaged homes, FEMA making funds available to the state to fight the fire, and news items such as the Georgetown Rodeo arena offering a safe haven for large animals affected by the fires.

And the big concern is that the wind is picking up.

I tried to imagine what it would be like to get a knock on the door or a phone call that I had to abandon the house and seek shelter.

Today everything was a luxury for me.  It was a luxury to sit at this table and work.  It was a luxury to wash my hands.  It was a luxury to open the refrigerator door and pull out some fruit and cheese for lunch.  It was a luxury to do the laundry.  It was a luxury to donate to those who have not been so lucky.

Please consider a donation to the many nonprofits who will be helping those who have lost so much in these wildfires.

Catholic Charities

Austin Pets Alive

American Red Cross of Central Texas 

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4 Responses to Extremes

  1. Linda Shillingburg says:

    As always, very well said. Thanks, Dawn!

  2. Don’t forget the “extreme” (for TX anyway) snowstorm you had back in February. What a nice reminder to end the week – be thankful for what you have while you have it.

    You may also want to check out this post by Shawn Collins: http://blog.affiliatetip.com/archives/how-a-wildfire-brought-the-steiner-ranch-community-closer/ It really speaks highly of the community and the state when there are so many appreciative people there.

    Thanks for sharing,

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