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B2B Marketing – Your Prospects Prefer to Qualify Themselves

It’s a familiar story.  A business owner is consumed with working in the business and when a break in the action comes, takes a breath and begins to think about working on the business.

I recently had a call with a business owner who has been heads down working on a deliverable.  With the offering close to completion, he began to think about how he was going to promote the product.  It is a departure from what he normally does, so his existing customer base is not the target market.

What I discovered was there was no website for the product, no description of a target audience, no list, and the business owner had no social media presence (no accounts).

It is very difficult and perhaps impossible to generate demand where the call to action is to pick up the phone and call to learn more.  People are simply not willing to invest the time if they haven’t had an opportunity to investigate your products and services for themselves online and prequalify themselves.

That bears repeating:  People prefer (demand) to investigate online and prequalify themselves.

Often, business owners will invest in traditional marketing such as advertising and direct mail.  However, buyer behavior is such that if their interest is piqued, they will search for you online.  If they reach your website and the content is thin – you are one click from oblivion.

Take an inventory of your online presence immediately.

Does your website describe your offering clearly?  Beyond a description, is there content that answers the questions that prospects are likely to ask?  Do you describe the pain points that the visitor to your website is experiencing without your product or service?  Do you share the benefits provided by your products and services?  Do you showcase others who have benefitted from your products and services?

In short, is there enough information for the prospect to qualify themselves?

Blogs are a great way to build upon the static pages of your website and assist visitors in the qualification process.  The wonderful news is that when you do finally speak with them, it is a much more meaningful conversation.

When you provide more meaningful information for your website visitors, they stay on the site longer.  The longer the duration of the stay the more mindshare you gain with the prospect.  Your site gains more authority with Google and other search engines when visitors spend a lot of time on your site.  That can result in higher page rankings making you more visible, driving more visitors, and increasing the likelihood of folks finally clicking on the Contact Us tab and giving you a call.

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