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Best of Both Worlds with Duct Tape Marketing

On September 20, Duct Tape Marketing will be kicking off a 6 month, online program called Marketing Catalyst.  This is a great program for business owners who would like to improve their marketing but cannot afford bring on a marketing consultant.

It’s on an online, group webcast that is taught by Duct Tape Marketing Master Consultants.  You receive a three-fold benefit of the experience of the Master Consultants, feedback and networking with other business owners participating in the program, and follow up phone calls with me in which we can do a deeper dive into the topics being discussed.

Through September 9, there is early bird pricing of $399/month.  After September 9, the regular pricing of $499/month goes into effect.  There are 10 sessions that cover every aspect of creating a compelling marketing system for your business. You can register here.

If you are wondering where future customers are going to come from and struggling with how to prioritize your ever lengthening To Do list, this is the perfect program.  It is based on the proven, pragmatic Duct Tape Marketing philosophy of strategy over tactics and putting a system in place that works regularly to make you, your products and services attractive and compelling to ideal customers.

If you’re ready to rev up your marketing, grow your customer base, and enjoy rather than worry about your business, please take a look at this exciting, interactive offering.  Learn more here.

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