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Dawn’s World Weekly News 6 10 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest:

Referrals – I love them.  I bet you do too.  Why don’t we have more?  Because we don’t make referrals our priority.  Joanne Black writes on how to Adopt a Targeted Referral Strategy.

The following inspired a lot of thought:

“Before I started my own business, I once had a boss who said, “I’m going to give you a gift: once a year, you can fire a client.” Ever since, I have given that gift to myself. I may not do it, depending on the year and the client, but it’s nice to know I have the option. The foundation for that is that some clients—no matter how big or small—just aren’t worth the damage you do to yourself and your other clients. Trying to make the impossible work just isn’t worth it.”

It’s tip #59 in 105 Best Ways to Deal with Difficult Customers

The always helpful Mack Collier serves up a post asking whether a blog should be marketing-focused or customer-service focused:  You Need a Company Blog Because the Customer (thinks he) Is Always Right.

I was very honored to be named by @margieclayman in 60 Women Whose Praise Must Be Sung.  It’s humbling to see my name on a list like this and I am so flattered and appreciative.

But, What if Someone Says Something Bad? A thoughtful post on how to approach negative comments.

I always enjoy Wayne’s posts – this one It’s Just Common Courtesy addresses when worlds collide between on-the-cheap buyers and service providers who want to deliver quality.


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