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B2B Marketing – Face the Fact that It Is a Long Haul

Today sitting in a marketing workshop I was thrilled to hear another participant reference a direct mail piece I had sent him over a year ago.

“It was less of a direct mail piece, and more of a gift.  And ever since then, I’ve been thinking about who I can refer to her. “ Talk about feeling affirmed!

However – as a marketer I didn’t KNOW that it had a lasting impact on the recipient until he told me – over a year later.  There was no hard fast metric that indicated I had won mindshare and that while the reward would be deferred, there would be a reward.

And therein lays the problem with B2B marketing.  It takes time.  And because it takes time, it takes patience and trust from the person footing the bill.  And it takes some faith that what you are doing is worthwhile…and it may not come to fruition in this fiscal year.

My heart goes out to my colleagues who work in publicly traded companies who are constantly under the gun to show results in this quarter or in this month – the demand completely ignores the buyer who controls the journey and whose timetable is more important than ours.

But if you are disciplined and have a regimen of marketing year in year out, month in month out, these types of deferred rewards begin to appear on a regular basis.  If you continue your marketing and dedicate your messaging to your ideal customer, you’ll win.


4 Responses to B2B Marketing – Face the Fact that It Is a Long Haul

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Your post is so spot on. We never know when a little seed is suddenly going to pop up the next year and become a beautiful flower. We never know when that little sapling is going to grow and develop into a huge, shady, graceful oak tree.

    Your story is true not only for the B2B world, but also I think for the online world. You never know who is going to be that magical connection. You never know who is going to pave the way to your next huge success. It all takes time and patience.

    Great post, my friend! 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      I agree. As marketers we have to constantly reinforce that what we are doing today will pay the best dividends 12 – 18-24 months from now. Anything we get in the next 60 -90-120 days is gravy. But often, the pressures of the account, the company, etc. makes us try to manipulate the short term when we would be better serving our customers by nurturing the long term. 🙂

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