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Dawn’s World Weekly News 5 13 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

National Small Business Week starts next week and as usual, John Jantsch @ducttape has a great slate of events going on revolving around small business marketing.  I love the dose of fun that comes with this – you can be entered to win an iPad (US) by visiting and playing match the blog post.  Each day 5 guest bloggers will post on a particular subject…but without a byline.  Your job will be to match the post with the author.  Those with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing for an iPad.  This will go on all week and you can enter daily (but you can only win once).  Also, John will be presenting on Wednesday May 19 “How to Create a Marketing System for Consistent and Predictable Results”.  I hope you will join in the fun and learning.

I love infographics almost as much as I love marketing so combine the two and throw in a comparison between content marketing and traditional marketing and I’m there.

The thought of writing 100 blog posts on a single subject is extremely ambitious, but @MargieClayman has the chops, the knowledge and apparently some super optimized writer fuel to pull it off.  I’ve been reading along and it’s remained fresh and interesting, so I was somewhat shocked when she recently mentioned that she had reach the half-way point of her Social Media Engagement Series.  Wow!

I’m reading Drive by Daniel Pink.  His theme is that the enjoyment of the work itself was so much more important than the reward for doing or punishment for not doing.  This has to be true for James Roper who folded 10 origami flowers a day for 3 years.  Put me in mind of some Pretenders lyrics “No reason just seems so pleasing.  Gonna make you, make you, make you notice…” Be sure to check out the photos of his work.




2 Responses to Dawn’s World Weekly News 5 13 2011

  1. Thanks Dawn. You should have heard the big sigh of relief when I read this! It’s always a worry when you write a series this long that people are going to start getting “itchy” about it. Like, “OK, Dead Horse!!” I’ve done my best to keep it spicy and fun (and hopefully helpful), but it’s so great to hear you’re finding it interesting.

    Thank you thank you!!

    • Dawn says:

      It’s been an excellent series. I’ll be reading one post and think, “It’s going to be hard for her to top this one…” But then sure enough, I’ll read a new post and think “Wow, she did it.” I really like Heathers vs. Whale Rider. Particularly the “Heathers” because I see it so much online.

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