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Center of Your Marketing Universe is Website and Blog

It was my pleasure to present at ITA – and here are some brief notes for those of you at #itaspring

Website and Blog shouldering much of the load formerly handled by sales reps and marketing folks:

  • Address the pain points that prompt the buyer’s search.
  • Give them a checklist.
  • Showcase how you’ve solved pain points for others.
  • Provide evidence that you are active and knowledgeable about the market, industry.
  • Platform for your expertise.
  • Should answer the questions you typically get from prospects.




3 Responses to Center of Your Marketing Universe is Website and Blog

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  2. Hello Dawn,

    Loved your main points about what a blog and website should do. I have one more to add:

    Be sure you speak in words that are meaningful to your prospects. They are looking for immediate recognition that you are writing to them. Give them content that speak to their needs and challenges!~

    Thanks for your great post!

    Lesley Peters

    • Dawn says:

      I couldn’t agree more! We all get in a rut of (at best) words we are comfortable with and (at worst) jargon. Listening to customers and prospects, and keying in on the vocabulary *they* are using will result in stronger messaging every time.

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