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Small Business Marketing Toolkit – The Series

This series highlights tips and strategies for strengthening your marketing and increasing your online visibility so that you can reach the highest number of prospective customers.

This will be an ongoing series with more topics to come, but here’s what’s been covered so far:

Part 1 – Website Grader

How does you website rank on a score of zero to 100?  How many links point traffic to your website?  How many pages have been indexed by Google?  These are just some of the questions you can have answered by this great, free tool.

Part 2 – Short and Sweet Blog Content

The foundation of your marketing, your website, specifically your blog, is an engine that needs fuel.  Content is that fuel.  Regular, pertinent, helpful content improves your search results and gives your visitors a reason to linger on your site and a reason to return to your site.  But what do you write about?

Part 3 – Google Alerts

If you could buy only one tool for your small business marketing toolkit that single tool should be Google Alerts.  The good news is – Google Alerts is free.  You will need to set up a gmail account, but that is also free.  On a macro level, you should have Google Alerts set up for the vertical markets or industries that you serve.  You may also want to add a geographic component to that such as “Austin nonprofit” or “Minneapolis QSR.”

Part 4 – Newsletter Archives

One mistake I see frequently enough to decide to write about it, is websites providing links to past issues of newsletters, under such intriguing titles as “December 2010” or “Spring 2008.”  While these titles may be accurate, they are not going to inspire visitors to click on the links.  Which is a pity; there is probably good information there.

Part 5 – Follow Customers and Prospects on Twitter

A great way to accelerate mind share and strengthen relationships with customers and prospects is through Twitter.

Fully acknowledging that using Twitter in B2B is challenging, when you look at the data around Twitter, your customers and prospects are here or will be here soon.  Twitter is getting 370,000 new sign ups daily.

Part 6 –  Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your B2B products and services.  They offer great flexibility, are easy to set up and allow you the ability to target a particular audience to better ensure quality results.

Part 7 – The 7 Steps

Begin with the definition of marketing:  Marketing is getting someone that has a need to know, like and trust you.  As they progress through this growing understanding of you, your methodology, your experience and your products and services – they move themselves towards doing business with you.



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