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Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women – @BrandCottage

In February I was thrilled to learn that I had been named to Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women.  Every Tuesday, I’m going to explore what marketing lessons can be learned from my fellow BAs and share them here.

I am suffering from acute website envy. I really, really am.

I LOVE the BrandCottage website.  I love all the little details, I love the celery green color used throughout, I love the homepage art and I really love the photography throughout – especially the About page – the whole site is elegant, balanced and appealing.

Patricia Wilson is the 9th of the Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women and it’s obvious that she and her marketing team know what they’re doing – as both their credentials and client lists reads like a Who’s Who.

I particularly like the BrandCottage resolutions (which I found in the blog section) – in fact I like them so much that I am going to use them as a model and create my own company resolutions.  Here they are:

  • We can never forget as an agency, that we are in the client service business.  BrandCottage will continue to improve client services in 2011.
  • Emerging technology is transforming marketing and branding.  Everyone in the marketing industry, including BrandCottage, must be dedicated to continuous learning, sharing and engaging to stay on top of emerging trends.
  • Giving back to others is far more rewarding than receiving.  BrandCottage will continue to increase its commitment to helping others.
  • The value of hard work never goes out of style.  We work extremely hard at BrandCottage.  But we also will find some time for more fun.

That should give you your marching orders for the day!


One Response to Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women – @BrandCottage

  1. Thank you so much Dawn for the kind words. You continue to inspire me everyday in my work and my life. I’m honored and humbled to be a twitter #BA75 with you!


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