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Small Business Marketing Toolkit Pt 6 – Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your B2B products and services.  They offer great flexibility, are easy to set up and allow you the ability to target a particular audience to better ensure quality results.

But the best news is you can run ads according you your budget and set limits on the total spend.

You don’t get a lot of space for these ads, so put some thought into the message and headlines – copy needs to be clear and appealing.

On your Facebook page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Advertising” – you will be brought to a page to set up payment and create the campaign with an ad creation wizard.

Let me take you through the steps I took:

Create a campaign name.  This is just for your results dashboard and nothing that the public sees.  It is helpful if you have different offers, different messages.  I called mine “eBook offer.”

Select the URL you’d like the ad to link to.  This can be your Facebook page or an external site.  I wanted clicks to go to my website so I selected “external” and entered http://dawnwesterberg.com/2011/04/16/marketing-failing/

Create the ad Headline.  Mine was “Results-driven Marketing” – and I think I maxed out the characters available, so care needs to be taken in selecting a headline.

Create the message.  Mine was “This free download helps you determine why your marketing isn’t delivering the desired results.”

You can upload a picture for your ad – you could use your logo, which I’ve done in the past; this time I went with a colorful image that matched the landing page.

You can pick the duration and the maximum dollar amount per day.  Since I’ve run ads in the past, I knew that I’ve never exceeded $25/day – so I’m going with $25/day from 4/16 – 5/1, 2011.

You can select the countries or cities or states you’d like your ad to run in.  I have clients in Texas, Missouri and Minnesota; and I’d like to develop a presence in New Mexico, so I’ve selected these four states for my campaign.

Note: on the right hand side of your screen, as you select the different filters, Facebook will adjust the number of people that fit your description.

You can filter who will see your ads by Male or Female.  I market to both, but if you have a product or service that is specific to men or women, this is a great feature.  You have choice of age ranges:  I’ve picked 30 – 60.  Finally, you can pick title or other descriptions.  I selected “Small Business Owner.”

Just that quickly, your ad campaign is complete.  The ad does not launch immediately as Facebook will review the ad.  But mine was up in less than 24 hours.

As of this moment:  I’ve had 20,694 impressions and 4 click through that have cost me $5.46 out of my $25 daily budget.  I’ll keep you posted on the results.



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