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Dawn’s World Weekly News 4 15 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

Top of the list rule in effect: @MargieClayman continues her engagement series with Why Being a Hero is Good for Business.  I recommend surfing around the other posts in this series – great reading, tremendously valuable advice.

With such riveting prose as “If it takes the stoner kid at Domino’s 19 rings before he answers the phone, make sure your pizza shop answer on the first ring” and “If you’re not in the mood for a chocolate cake the size of your head” – you are sure to enjoy 5 In-Your-Face Business Lessons from PR Legend Michael Levine.

3 Things Wile E. Coyote Teaches Us About Creative Intelligence was an interesting read.  Speaking of cartoons, I learned this week, via Jeopardy! that the Tom and Jerry cartoons in the UK have been edited to remove….wait for it…smoking.  Tails being cut off, sticks of dynamite inserted into body parts, and sledgehammers – all are still fair game, violent though they may be.  But smoking cigarettes is anathema.

For those of us who wrestle regularly with our writing, 54 Tips for Writers from Writers serves up some inspiration.

I know, I know.  And I know that you know.  But if you’re reading this – chances are, like me, you get so busy working in the business, that you are not taking the time to work on the business.  A great reminder from the excellent blog Small Biz Survival, 3 Resources to Help You Get Away from Your Business.

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