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Learning From Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women – @AnnTran

In February I was thrilled to learn that I had been named to Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women.  Every Tuesday, I’m going to explore what marketing lessons can be learned from my fellow BAs and share them here.

She’s on over 7,000 lists and has over 188,000 followers on Twitter.  People look forward to Ann Tran.

She has been published by the Huffington Post, her article The Joy of Paying it Forward covers her experience visiting a Latin American orphanage.

When I ventured over to her website to get a sense of what Ann shares with her community, the first blog post I came across was the delightfully titled Feel the Flutter.  The post was a scrapbook of quotes and photos of butterflies.  My favorite was a quote by Maya Angelou, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Random Observation:  I tend to be pragmatic in my searches and reading.  It’s a testament to a blogger’s strength of personality and content for me to “get lost” in their blog – reading one article, then sampling another, a click here, a click there.  Ann’s blog is a great site to wander.

Lesson:  There has to be value in an online experience.  But value does not always have to be tips, statistics, or how tos that assist us in doing tasks better.  Value is also found in the softer experiences of being entertained, inspired, being offered respite in thinking about things you wouldn’t normally think about.  Ann’s blog is just such a site.

There is a certain adventure in seeing something through another person’s eyes and gaining insight from the experience that they bring to a subject.  While it may be true that there is nothing new under the sun, a constant source of amazement for me is the uniqueness of the voices commenting on everything under the sun. One of the benefits that I’ve enjoyed in writing this series is the discovery of these voices.

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