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Lost and Found – Another Gift from Limitations

I got a text message from my brother “I’m in College Station, meet for dinner?”

Once the arrangements, directions, time was set up, I wrapped up the stuff I was working on and left the house in plenty of time to get some cash and stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up an audio book, since I was looking at a minimum of five hours in the car.

I’ve written about how limitations can results in surprising and delightful gifts here.  And, while looking over the inventory of audio books saw that my choices were very limited.  Unless I wanted something from Wayne Dwyer or Tony Robbins.

When I spoke last weekend with @AmyOscar, she recommended a book by Geneen Roth.  There on the shelf was another title by Roth, her audio book Lost and Found.  So I grabbed that as well as She Walks In Beauty – A Woman’s Journey Through Poems, selected and introduced by Caroline Kennedy.  When I did the Books of Childhood series not too long ago, several contributors mentioned how they were enchanted by poetry.

Lost and Found was riveting.  It begins with Roth’s personal account of losing her life savings of over a million dollars to Bernie Madoff.  It wasn’t even my money and I was feeling queasy just thinking about such a blow late in life.  She went on to explore the way we think about money.  The unspoken social rules that dictate money talk.  She examines a wide inventory of beliefs about money.  It was a fascinating listen.  And I am very glad that the limitations of the selections resulted in me choosing her audio book.

Don’t get me wrong – usually when it comes to choice, I want my first choice and I want it right away.  But lately, I’ve been intrigued with the unintended consequences that come with limited choices.  And I’ve been equally intrigued with the unintended consequence that come with unlimited choice – the tendency to get in a rut.

Have you had an experience where initially you felt limited by your choices but then experienced delight as the result of the limitation?


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