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B2B Marketing – Change Must Happen and the Reaction to those 3 Radical Words

It’s only human, that when threatened with dire consequences, we revert back to behaviors that have worked for us in the past.  While it’s understandable, it’s not effective.  It’s not going to remedy the pain.

The pain for most B2Bs is limited opportunity.  The phone isn’t ringing.  The referrals aren’t coming.  The software publisher isn’t forwarding leads.  Even internet inquiries are down year over year over year.

The common belief is that “when we get an opportunity and can talk to the lead, we have a pretty decent conversation rate.”  In the past direct mail, telemarketing, seminars, conferences, email blast could uncover an opportunity or two.  So which do we more of? is the question typically asked by business owners.

What if the reality was the same number of opportunities are there but you are being rejected (before you ever know it) because you are not providing the buyer with what they want?

With all the statistics available to the radical change in buyer behavior, namely reliance on search engines, does it not suggest that there needs to be a radical change in how we adapt to this change?

Change must happen.

The market has changed, therefore you must change or you will be ignored, you will see fewer and fewer opportunities.

I’m not sure why there is so much resistance to change.  I would think that brutal impact of the last four years would be sufficient to cast a blazing light.

Prospects want to go to your website and based on the information there, determine if you can help them with their problem.  What they don’t want to do is engage on the phone or have a discovery meeting to determine if you can help them – at least initially.  If your site can move them along the Know-Like-Trust-Try-Buy continuum, you will get opportunities.

Change must happen.

Your website is the most important key to your marketing.  It will be the primary engine of bringing new opportunities to your business.  Content must be added that tells the story of what you can offer to prospect – far beyond a drop down menu of product and services offered.  What problems do you solve? How do you approach the problems?  What makes you an expert?  What do your customers say about the impact you’ve had on their business?

Do you answer the question of how you can help or do you simply list what they can buy?

Change must happen.


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