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Of Course I’m Going to Write about The King of Limbs Release! But First a Lesson in Marketing from Radiohead…

Normally I would have handled this in the Mailbox Miscellany format, but what Radiohead has done here is so brilliant and such a good marketing, customer relationship lesson, that I’m treating it straight up as a marketing article.

Our job is to delight our customers.  And, if we do that, do it really well, those customers will do a lot for us – enthusiastically, over and over again.

Radiohead delights its customers (fans).

While Thom Yorke is perhaps the worst interview in the history of contemporary music, he is smart enough to know that his relationship with his fans (the music press no longer a gatekeeper of that relationship) is the first priority in selling music.

So today he shows up, unannounced at a Rough Trade music store in London, to personally hand out a promotional newspaper published by Radiohead called The Universal Sigh.  The news went viral and soon fans were lined up around the block. These people were thrilled!

Digital photos of fans holding up their copy of The Universal Sigh are all over the internet.

And speaking of viral, Radiohead made The King of Limbs available via free streaming today.

So I’ve listened and I’m going to buy.  And so will many others.

What can you do to delight your customers?  Start small if you have to – begin with those customers that have provided referrals, been the subject of a case study and put together something that will make their day as a way to say “you are special to me – a small token of appreciation.”

That’s exactly what Yorke did today.

What are some other examples of delighting customers/fans?  What’s your favorite Radiohead song? Please share in the comments section.


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