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Dawn’s World Weekly News 3 4 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest:

Top of the List Rule in play:  Small Business News:  Taxation, Social Media and Self-Development Roundup includes a link back to one of my posts.  But plenty of other interesting stuff.

“There is no substitute for experience.”  Amen and amen!  Great article, Understanding Your Marketing Basics by Christopher S. Penn that @MargieClayman tweeted a link to yesterday.

And speaking of Margie, she posted Five Blogging Lessons from the Coen Brothers which talks about searching out new ground versus writing to a formula.

From heavy-weight Copyblogger, Aristotle’s Ancient Guide to Compelling Copy.  Does your content have Ethos, Logos and Pathos?  It should.

New to me:  I found The Last Psychiatrist while searching for The Sopranos clip for The Answers We Need or the Answers We Want to Hear.  It’s full of fascinating articles.

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