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Marketing Via LinkedIn and Blog Give Best Conversion Rates for Professional Services/Consulting and Technology (Software)

There is a juicy little white paper available from Hubspot called The State of Inbound Marketing that I got when registering  for their webinar.  The white paper contains the findings from a survey conducted by HubSpot in which 644 businesses representing Banking/Insurance/Financial Services; Communications/Media; Higher Education; Manufacturing; Professional Services/Consulting; Retail/Wholesale; Technology (Hardware) and Technology (Software/Biotech) reported on their usage, spending and results with regards to Inbound Marketing.

Of the Big 4 social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Blog) this is how the sectors similar to my customers ranked customer acquisition by channel by industry (percentage of businesses who acquired a customer through a specific channel):

Technology (Software/Biotech)

  • 58% Blog
  • 53% LinkedIn
  • 48% Twitter
  • 32% Facebook

Professional Services/Consulting

  • 59% LinkedIn
  • 58% Blog
  • 38% Facebook
  • 21% Twitter

As you look at your marketing plan, how prominently does marketing through these platforms figure in to the plan?

Here’s something to consider, the survey saw a direct relationship between frequency of blog posting and the conversion rate of customers.  To quote HubSpot, “If your blog is underutilized, you are leaving customers on the table.”  For those who committed to weekly blog posts, 72% reported gaining customers compared to 33% who answered that they blogged less than monthly.

I was actually amazed at the high number of businesses that are blogging weekly.  What this means is that if you are not blogging on a weekly basis, you’re way behind.  If you’re not blogging at all, it’s probably time to start.

I can help you.  We’ll discuss your ideal customer and develop a calendar of weekly blog posts written to appeal to the types of prospects you wish to attract.  Content developed for your blog compared to one-off marketing campaigns is the difference between buying investing in interest bearing accounts versus purchasing lottery tickets.  The content developed today continues to work into the future, always available for future prospect.  With each weekly article posted, your library showcasing your expertise continues to grow, there is more content for the search engines to find and your presence rises in the search rankings.  Don’t become irrelevant to a large and ever-growing segment of buyers.  Do a course correction and reach your future customers on the platforms they prefer.


9 Responses to Marketing Via LinkedIn and Blog Give Best Conversion Rates for Professional Services/Consulting and Technology (Software)

  1. Phil Simon says:

    Those statistics confirm what I have long suspected. Clearly, there are many folks who still don’t get it. You’re not one of them!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Phil – thanks for the comment. The analogy that keeps popping into my mind is “savings account vs. lottery ticket” – because of the time, money and commitment that is required to develop meaningful savings. The lottery ticket promises the chance at millions and distracts from the idea of ten by ten, or a hundred by a hundred, etc. accumulating to a significant amount that earns you money while you’re saving it. A good blog is like a savings account with all the upside of variable interest – one post has the potential to go viral and over produce. At the same time, if you keep to the regimen, there will also be a steady and over time meaningful interest paid out. It’s a win-win.

  2. Blair says:

    One of the best articles of the year for small biz owners. It is eye opening and supports the call to “blog”.

    Thank you

  3. Sam Stein says:

    Regular blogging is also a great way to keep in favor with search engines (as well as potential customers) – there’s nothing like a stale, neglected blog to keep the Big G away from your site and your customers looking elsewhere. Even more relevant now, after the recent algorithm changes.

  4. Gwen says:

    Great blog post, Dawn! I was on that call and those stats tell the story. If you’re in business and you’re not blogging, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your target market, etc. etc.

    Love the banking analogy! Perfect!

  5. Dirk says:

    We’ve long bee promoting exactly this mix. It’s good to see some further research into the results. I just love it when I’m able to sit with a happy client and tell them ‘I told you so’ 🙂

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