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Small Business Marketing Toolkit Pt 5 – Follow Customers and Prospects on Twitter

A great way to accelerate mind share and strengthen relationships with customers and prospects is through Twitter.

Fully acknowledging that using Twitter in B2B is challenging, when you look at the data around Twitter, your customers and prospects are here or will be here soon.  Twitter is getting 370,000 new sign ups daily.  There are 95,000,000 tweets per day.  There are 175,000,000 registered users.

The quality of the Twitter experience rests in the quality of the people that follow you as well as those you follow.

Here are some tips for finding your customers and prospects on Twitter:

  • Use Google search and include the company or individual’s name along with Twitter, for example “Dawn Westerberg Twitter.”
  • Use the Twitter search function – this has been hit or miss for me, Google has been much more effective, but Twitter search is an option.
  • Check the website of your customers and prospects and see if they have a Twitter follow button.  Sometimes these will be right on the home page.  Be sure to check the “Contact Us” page, there might be a list of individual Twitter accounts as well as the company Twitter account.
  • Check the email signature block on emails that you receive from customers and prospects to see if there is a Twitter button that you can click on to follow or a Twitter ID that you can enter into Twitter search.

Once you’ve followed them, check your Twitter account to see if they are following back.  Look for opportunities to converse with them or comment on their Tweets.  Don’t be discouraged, a little effort could result in opening up a new audience to your business.  And, it’s very likely that your competitors are not making the same effort.

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