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Mailbox Miscellany #3 – Thank you (I think) for Writing

Most of my readers prefer to eschew the comments section for email.  I know I can’t change you, hence Mailbox Miscellany.

Dawn – If you were stuck in a blizzard and every other electronic device in your house didn’t work but your TV and DVD player did – what would you watch?  Sincerely, IE

First, it is not necessary to create an elaborate hypothetical scenario to find me in front of the TV for an extended period of time – I do that voluntarily on a regular basis.

But to answer your question, without a doubt, my first choice would be the complete boxed set (seasons 1 – 5) of The Wire.  It is the very best.  The casting is perfect.  The writing is superb.  And it entertains.

In fact, IE, I will probably at some point do an episode by episode review of the whole thing.  That is how much I love The Wire.

You once wrote that you had an entire drawer full of pens and morbidly noted that you’d never need to buy another pen in your life.  I was Spring cleaning and started throwing random pens in an Amazon box and was blown away by how many pens I had and I thought of you.  Depressed in Duluth

It’s not spring in Duluth, Minnesota.  If you want to clean, fine.  But you can’t call it “Spring” cleaning.

Nevertheless thanks for the note – yes, I give you what the run of the mill actuary table can’t.

I think I wrote about the pens in one of my “Junk Drawer” installments way back – so thank you for being such a careful reader.  Here are some other actuary-chart type things I’ve thought about:

Given the fact that Beloved Son was in Catholic schools from Pre-K to the present, I will never have to buy wrapping paper on the open market ever again – so numerous were the school fundraisers – which ended when he was in high school.  Thank you St. Louis University and University of St. Thomas Law School for not having wrapping paper fundraisers.  Now I still buy $100 calendars and $50 refrigerator magnets from SLU.  UST has not found me yet.

A few months ago a neighborhood property went up for sale and I found myself wondering if it would even be possible for me to qualify for a 30 year mortgage.  I know that if I were a lender, I’d think twice about it.

And speaking of mortgages, remember when the movie 2012 was released?  Whenever someone would say “What do you think?  What if the Mayans are right?”  I would snort derisively and say, “Get real.  I still have 12 years on a 30 year mortgage.  No way I get off that easy!”  Trust me, Chase Home Mortgage will move heaven and earth to ensure the world doesn’t end in 2012.

So thanks for writing.  Keep reading.  I love you.

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