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Delighting Your Customers – a Hat Tip to Amazon.com

Over the weekend I ordered some DVDs from Amazon.  I am a member of Amazon Prime – where for an annual fee, I get free shipping regardless of the dollar amount of my order.  I am also an Amazon affiliate – in that I (would) earn a small commission on any items that are ordered from Amazon if a visitor to my site connects to Amazon through my site and purchases products (mentioned for full disclosure, not part of the point I’m making).

When the order confirmation for my DVDs were emailed to me, there was a note that I could view the movies I had purchased via the web at no charge.  They would only be available to view for a month, and once I downloaded them I would then have 24 hours to watch them.

Last night I took advantage of the service and watched The Town on my laptop.  The DVDs which, under normal circumstances, would have been here today, were delayed due to the wild weather we’re having.  And it was a welcome treat to be able to download one of my orders and enjoy a movie last night.

I didn’t ask for this.  Have never even thought, wouldn’t it be cool if Amazon did this.  But Amazon thought of it and offered it to me.  They made it easy to take advantage of the gift (unlike the UPC, receipt, completed rebate form, envelope, stamp, trip to mailbox that I had to assemble and send off to AT&T to get my “gift” from them).

As a customer, I appreciated the gift.  I really appreciated how easy it was to receive my gift.  Chances are, it’s not something that I will use 100% of the time.  But it improved an already strong and loyal relationship.  And it inspired me to write about it after a long, good but exhausting day.

Amazon gets it.

2 Responses to Delighting Your Customers – a Hat Tip to Amazon.com

  1. Phil Simon says:

    As a customer, I couldn’t agree more.

    As a vendor, I feel differently.

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