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Small Business Marketing Toolkit – Pt 4 Newsletter Archives

If you are regularly sending out a newsletter, first let me say congratulations.  It is important to stay in front of your customers and provide them with valuable content.

One mistake I see frequently enough to decide to write about it, is websites providing links to past issues of newsletters, under such intriguing titles as “December 2010” or “Spring 2008.”  While these titles may be accurate, they are not going to inspire visitors to click on the links.  Which is a pity; there is probably good information there.  Do a quick check of your analytics and see if there have been any clicks on these pages.

Spend 30 minutes expanding the titles. Provide a description of what the online visitor will find if they click on the link.  If you want to keep the time stamp, that’s fine, but add some indication of what is beneath the link, for example:

December 2010 – Two reporting tips that will make life easier; Year-end processing checklist; Westerberg Manufacturing increase customer satisfaction and improve margins with Sage ERP MAS 500.

Watch your analytics.  You will probably see more activity on these pages as visitors are more inclined to react to the descriptive titles.

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