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Obsolete? Or Just in Need of Recalibration? A B2B Business Owner Gut Check.

Yesterday I re-read Chapter 5 of The New Small by Phil Simon because I was writing a book review.  And I kept thinking about you, Business Partners/Solutions Providers/Value-Added Resellers.

Simon has two sources of origin for The New Small business owner:

  • They got their chops in the big corporate world before starting their own companies.
  • They are serial entrepreneurs who have always worked for themselves.

He then lists 10 characteristics

  1. They have been formed relatively recently.
  2. They are comfortable with change and new technologies.
  3. They are willing to experiment.
  4. They are unwilling to reinvent the wheel.
  5. They convert technology to a variable cost.
  6. They understand the importance of social CRM.
  7. They are “long-term greedy.”
  8. They want something else out of work.
  9. They are very cautious about future growth.
  10. They recognize the importance of user-friendly and content-based websites.

I think many of you were The New Small a long time ago – but I’d like to look at the two characteristics where I think you are slightly different than the profile in The New Small and explain why.

So, with apologies to Phil Simon, let me take a couple of characteristics from his list and look at the Software Consulting Practice through The New Small lens.  I think many of you differ in characteristic #1 and #10.

While you aren’t a new business, you  have experience a Reformation relatively recently – that is, you’ve been around for 15, 20 25 years, but you have gone through some rigorous change in the business that is radical: A move to value pricing, diversification of the product portfolio, heavy lifting in marketing, etc.  The change has been/is painful – but you know that you had to do it.

You recognize the importance of user-friendly and content-based websites, but you haven’t gotten there yet.  And, you may be operating what Simon calls a “90s Site.”  What he means by that is, your content is static.  You’ve got all the usual pages:  Home, Products, Services, Testimonials, Contact Us, About and maybe even an Events page that gets updated once a quarter – but for the most part, over 95% of the information on the website is unchanged from the day you launched the website.

[Yeah, I’m going to talk about content again.]

Here’s what Phil Simon says about the 90s Site:

“Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with 90s Site per se.  It’s just that they could be more – so much more.  The New Small understands this.  They know that creating robust and content-laden website can pay serious dividends…”

This will mean an investment of time and/or money.  But it is an investment that you will need to make to keep competitive.  This is the number one thing that I am doing for my clients.  Within a couple of months (depending on the commitment) their blogs pages have jumped to the top ten of the web pages getting the most clicks according to Google Analytics.  Those that have combined a press release strategy have seen the number of links to their site double.  If you would like a free 30 minute consultation on developing content for your site – shoot me an email at dawn@dawnwesterberg.com.  If you are among the first five to do so, I will send you a copy of The New Small.

3 Responses to Obsolete? Or Just in Need of Recalibration? A B2B Business Owner Gut Check.

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  2. Gaga says:

    This is such an incredibly exciting article and you are so on target. People tend to think “I invested all this money in in my Web site and the content, it’s complete and a static work.” Both my son & I work in marketing in the Dallas area and we debate and talk so much about the topic of content being King. This is not a new topic we know but it is at the point of a revival like we have never seen. Thanks for energizing the topic with this great article.
    p.s Many don’t “get” blogs at all or are too intimidated to ask questions.

    • Dawn says:

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment. When your expertise is really what you’re selling – a blog is the perfect way to showcase that expertise…but I may be preaching to the choir… 🙂

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