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It’s Easier to be Clever, Critical and Snarky than Helpful

I often feel as though I confess too much here – but…here goes.  Last night I spent time reading Amazon reviews of the CD David Hasselhoff – The Very Best of and the press releases at Concrete Network.

Lest I sound judgmental – I enjoy clever.  Really enjoy it.  And the reviews of The Very Best Of are highly entertaining.  And, I do believe from the bottom of my heart that delivering fun is valuable.  It contributes to making a message memorable.  It’s also a good way to go viral.  No argument here.

But what I was thinking about at the end of the evening as I was drifting off to sleep was the Concrete Network website, specifically the news section.  I read about the Concrete Network in David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

The tagline for my business is “Fall in love with your business again” and as far as I can tell the Concrete Network has never fallen out of love with their business.  Religiously, there are roughly three press releases each month on the topic of concrete.  For years.

And this convicts me.  I work with B2B and often for me and for the business owners finding something to write about is a constant battle.  And it shouldn’t be – if you can write something interesting about concrete three times a month, coming up with topics about marketing, security, software, cloud computing, issues facing nonprofits and the like, should be a piece of cake.

Being helpful takes more energy than being creative, critical and snarky.  It involves putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, trying to think of what is keeping them up at night, predicting what questions they may have and then responding in a genuine and thoughtful way.

Passion is a word that is overused and regularly makes me cringe.  But tapping passion, returning to one’s entrepreneurial roots, and showcasing the better mousetrap is what we are here to do.  And we should approach helpfulness with dedication, energy, creativity and relentlessness.  Even when it isn’t easy.

Do you agree?  What convicts you?  Please share your comments.

2 Responses to It’s Easier to be Clever, Critical and Snarky than Helpful

  1. evenanerd says:

    Dawn, I do think I might refrain from sharing the fact that I’m visiting the concrete peeps while listening to David Hasselhoff, but thankfully you aren’t holding yourself out to be either a music critic or a professional escort (cause the concrete fascination might lower your rates, except of course in New Jersey.)

    But I am depressed too. The concrete guys have three newsworthy topics a month? I share your pain in trying to find anything newsworthy to talk about for CPAs who are changing business results on a regular basis. Maybe we all need to step away from our computers and tweets long enough to take a fresh look at the mundane things that we do. Accountants and software resellers are improving businesses all over the world – every day. Why isn’t that newsworthy?

    • Dawn says:

      Hey – no one can accuse me of not being authentic and transparent! 🙂 We do need to scour away the rust on how we look at things and approach the value given to clients by CPAs, professional services, etc. in a fresh new way.

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