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Small Business Marketing Toolkit – Pt 2 Short and Sweet Blog Content

The foundation of your marketing, your website, specifically your blog, is an engine that needs fuel.  Content is that fuel.  Regular, pertinent, helpful content improves your search results and gives your visitors a reason to linger on your site and a reason to return to your site.

But what do you write about?  Sometimes inspiration comes easily and before you know it you’ve got a powerful, succinct 500 words that perfectly outline a matter of importance to your readers.  Other times you sit and watch the cursor throb on an incriminating blank page.  In these instances the KISS method can be the answer to your struggle.

Here is an example of a short and sweet little blog post giving two helpful hints on end of year accounting.  It’s not War and Peace, nor should it be.  Genuine help does not need to be verbose.

After reading this article, jot down a list of simple To Dos that your clients need to be thinking about.  Tackle one or two at a time and you’ve got a couple of week’s worth of blog entries.

Another tip, if these discrete little nuggets of information fall under a particular category, you can utilize the category function of your blog to organize them.  That way, if a reader likes one tip and is curious if there are others, they can search your site using the category.  Of course, you can also manually add links back to other tips within the post itself.

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