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Small Business Marketing Toolkit – Pt 1 Website Grader

How does you website rank on a scale of zero to 100?  How many links point traffic to your website?  How many pages have been indexed by Google?

These are just some of the questions you can have answered at http://website.grader.com a free tool from HubSpot.

Your website is the core of your marketing base.  Remember, buyers are using search engines to find products and services they need, so your website needs to have visibility to appear in the results of those searches.  A tool like Website Grader helps to diagnose and point to the areas of your site that need work.  It’s also nice to see where your site is grading well – so feel good about that.  But, you’ll also want to get busy on the areas of improvement that you find.

As you put together your marketing plans, think about how various tactics can be repurposed to strengthen your website.  Are you putting together a presentation for a conference?  Why not make a short video of the presentation for you blog?  Are you investigating a new vertical?  Why not create a series of articles for your blog based on your research?  As you work with customers and prospects, take note of the questions they are asking and develop a series of short articles that answer these questions that you can post on your blog.  What about your press release announcements?  Are you distributing them in such a way that links to website are being created?

Website Grader provides a wonderful benchmark to help you determine priorities with regard to your website.  Take the test today and plan your marketing accordingly.

3 Responses to Small Business Marketing Toolkit – Pt 1 Website Grader

  1. Phil Simon says:

    Great stuff, Dawn. I will check out that website grader.

    Happy holidays.

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