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Dawn’s Weekly World News 12 31 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest:

As small business owners there is tension in every decision, particularly to spend.  Striking the happy medium between not spending too much and not spending too little is one we face in minor and major purchases.  My experience has been there is a greater danger in spending too little.  It usually means we’ll be spending a lot more down the road and worse, will chew up all kinds of time in our attempt to get it right the second time.  Here’s some helpful advice regarding The Top 10 Technology Mistakes Made By Small Business.

Have you been toiling away on your blog and anxious for the mention that puts your writing in the spotlight?  I think we all are.  It’s happened to me twice – once when I was not ready for it and then again when I was more ready but still not where I’d like to be.  Keep at it, and take a look at this blog readiness list so that you’ll be more prepared than I was for the big analytics spike.

Do you chafe when being told what to do?  Even when the advice is probably pretty good?  What happens when you’re in happy agreement with someone and then philosophies collide?  There are a lot of opinions on best practices when it comes to social media – and I don’t agree with all of them, or I may see how they are effective in one set of circumstances but not in another.  Here is a great blog post, made better by the comments – where I am in dissent.  The greater lesson is not in the Dos and Don’ts of Twitter following – but that friends can disagree and still be friends.  Margie is that kind of rare friend.

I just got back from visiting Beloved Son and one of the things we did was visit the University of St. Thomas Law School.  I like the fact that I can have an accurate visual of where he is spending his days.  One of the big topics discussed with friends and family was “what do you think your job prospects will be once you pass the bar?”  Beloved Son has his act together and spoke very eloquently about networking, working, and not waiting until you’re out of law school to begin looking.  It reminded me of this post:  Getting Your Networking Game on In Law School.

Happy New Year every one – and thank you for your visits to my blog in 2010.  Look forward to seeing you on the other side!

3 Responses to Dawn’s Weekly World News 12 31 2010

  1. Dawn,

    Thank you very much for the kind mention. Happy New Year to you and your son both and best of luck to him in his future endeavors in the legal field!

    – jack

  2. And you are special because you went ahead and mentioned that post even though you disagreed with it.

    Thank you, Dawn, and Happy New Year!! 🙂

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