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Dawn’s World Weekly News 12 24 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest:

This is the mother of all round ups and I’ve been working my way through it a section at a time.  I am very honored to be mentioned twice in this estimable list by @MargieClayman

Is your blog not getting the traction that you’d like it to have?  For serious traction, you need a serious regimen and this is a wonderful push from @heidicohen “Timing is Everything.”

A follow up read, that I have now read 3 times, is great advice from @nametagscott – I was first introduced to his wonderful blog via The Referral Engine by @ducttape John Jantsch.  So go ahead and learn How to Look Good Naked.

In all of the links, I believe there is a gift, but when I clicked on this post from @Karen5Lund on Circle of Ignorance, it triggered a fond memory from 40+ years ago – a surprising gift for me.

And I leave you with a little fun via @writerchanelle – admit it, you’ve always wanted a chance to answer the wonderful Inside The Actor’s Studio questions!

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