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Rare But Welcome Gifts That We All Can Afford

Here are some things that we can give and in addition to preserving a healthy bank account, will contribute to a more pleasant community.  We can give these things in abundance to our most beloved or our most casual acquaintance.

  • Benefit of the Doubt – A favorable judgment given in the absence of full evidence.
  • Encouragement – The gift of spurring on, giving a boost, showing support.
  • Compliment – Proactively mentioning something positive, an expression of praise.
  • Kind words – words marked by goodness and a charitable tone, a mild and warm disposition.
  • Referral – Look to suggest someone’s products, services, knowledge to another who is seeking the products, services and knowledge.
  • Attention – We give the gift of focus and active listening.  We seek to understand.

Would you enjoy receiving these gifts?  What other gifts could we give?

One Response to Rare But Welcome Gifts That We All Can Afford

  1. Phil Simon says:

    So true! These words and actions cost so little but mean so much.

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