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Dawn’s World Weekly News 12 10 2010

A summary of what caught my interest this week:

As has always been the strict and unyielding policy here, any post that mentions me is sent right to the top of this highly prestigious list.  It is only a matter of time before these writers are featured on national TV, keynoting the must-attend conference of 2011 and rolling in the dough.

Phil Simon gives us The New Small, Traditional Marketing, and Reaching People.

Margie Clayman offers me a wonderful compliment in 10 People on the Move.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Phil and Margie –  both of whom are an inspiration to me and incredibly bright, kind people.

There’s still time to vote at SmallBizTrends for the Spotlight on Marketing Books:  Small Business Book Awards.  If you find this after the voting has ended, it’s still a nice list for future reading.

I agree with the importance of spending some time thinking through what you don’t want and why, here’s a great list and rationale from John Jantsch.  I’d add that often times I get more attention and focus from prospects and clients when I calmly state “That’s not something I want to do.”  People aren’t expecting to hear it and it gets their attention.  I then explain the “why” and it seems to have a more powerful, lasting effect than launching the “why” first.

This was a riveting read – How to quit your job while you’re flat broke.  Some of the advice I agree with – for example being maniacal about reducing expenses.  However, I was very uncomfortable when the author shared that one of the expense reductions was getting rid of the dog.  It appears there was a happy ending for the dog – but I could not do that.  And, if you are considering a puppy for Christmas – please view it as a vow, to take care of that canine life in good times and bad, sickness and in health – or don’t do it.

Earlier in the week, I RT’d a link to How to Respond to Online Flame Attacks – which has some excellent advice.  It will happen.  In fact, you will know you have arrived when it does.

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