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Brand Spanking Dated

As you can see, my dry cleaner hasn’t changed their look in 50 plus years.  I have to admit, it captures my imagination – particularly the look on the kitten’s face.  And I wonder – is this the result of “this is the way we’ve always done it” thinking?  Or is this the result of some fantastic error in re-ordering made multiple decades ago that has the company still working through the overstock of sweater bags well into the new millennium?

But it brings up critical questions for business owners to ask themselves – “How do we look to our customers?”  “What is the customer’s view of who we are and what we offer?”

Three immediate dangers spring to mind:

  • Danger of looking behind the times to our customers
  • Danger of perception that freezes you to the levels of expertise, products, services and staffing of when they first engaged you
  • Danger of appearing unengaged with the business

The one solution to all of these dangers is to be in touch with your customers.

Utilize “one to many” tactics like newsletters, blogs, and social media.  Look for news to celebrate, customer accomplishments, staff accreditation, and other information that reflects the exuberance of finding solutions and practices to bring companies success.

Look to bring new vitality to the content and energy of your newsletters and blog.  Commit to “one to one” communication as well.  I believe that more than ever, the degree to which we can personalize and customize our outreach to individual customer, will be the measure of our success.

One of the great benefits of this work is that you will begin to feel energized; you will begin to fall in love with your business again.

2 Responses to Brand Spanking Dated

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  2. I concur: “The one solution to all of these dangers is to be in touch with your customers.”

    Now, more than ever, connecting with your customers is key to building long-term relationships. And to do that, transparency is critical.

    Be who you say you are.

    Great post, as always. (And, the picture is priceless. )

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