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Dawn’s World Weekly News 11 19 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

@MAS90guru was an enormous help to me when I began social media and blogging.  Yes, you have him to thank or blame! 😉  He shared this story earlier in the week VARS Who Don’t Adopt Social Media Could Lose Influencer Role.

Is Facebook advertising effective?  Here’s a personal account by @edkless

Via @j2_whittington comes a great approach to goals, aspirations and career The Realistic Optimist.

There is a nice post by @margieclayman How to be a Blog Promoter in which I provide the minority opinion in the comments section.

And, to give you an idea of how hard I’ve been working this week, I have no humorous video with which to conclude.  🙁   I have logged zero YouTube time this past week.  My apologies.

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