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My Life with the Vikings: The Mother of all Pain Meets the Mother of all Narcissists Meets the Mother of all Brands

I was admonished in week 1 by someone in my football pool because I chose the Saints to win over the Vikings.  I respect this person tremendously.  She’s just good people.  She is one of the best in her business.  She is fun.  Like me, she paid her own way through college – unlike me it didn’t take her eight years to complete her degree.  But she is from Michigan and she is a Lions fan.  And like most people (with maybe the exception of Buffalo Bills fans) she just doesn’t understand what it is like to be a Vikings fan.

I watched the Vikings lose in all of their four Super Bowl appearances. If you are my age, the favorite Viking of your childhood more than likely was on the defense.  Four decades later I can still name The Purple People Eaters:  Carl Eller, Alan Page, Jim Marshall and Gary Larsen. Bud Grant was as revered by Viking fans as Tom Landry was by Cowboy fans.  I remember the Les Steckel year.  I remember that idiot Mike Lynn trading half the team and a number of draft picks for Herschel Walker.  I remember the Tommy Kramer years.  I stood behind Brad Johnson in the Eden Prairie post office once.   I remember the real greatest show on turf:  Cunningham, Moss, Carter and Smith and, in my opinion, the worst Vikings loss of all time, the NFC championship loss to the Falcons.

Nothing could really prepare me for 1) Brett Favre becoming a Viking and 2) the enthusiasm with which he would be greeted, former Packer that he was.  I realize this is generational – and that it is not even rational to expect loyalty.  I get it.

Last year’s NFC Championship loss, while excruciating, wasn’t as bad as the loss to the Falcons simply because my love for the 1996 team was complete.  Last year, I simply couldn’t feel completely good about the Vikings because I couldn’t feel good about Favre.  And I lose a little respect for those that fawn over Favre – from Brad Childress to ESPN.

And this was before the latest news that Favre allegedly…well you know the story.

My big beef had been that he was the mother of all narcissists.  And his recklessness on the football field.  Now there is a creepier angle to the story and I can’t see anything other than a disastrous ending for the Vikings.

Randy Moss have you met Tarvaris Jackson?  Somewhere Bill Belichick is laughing maniacally.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall of Roger Goodell’s office.  If Favre is the mother of all narcissists, then the NFL is the mother of all brands.  With the precedent of the Ben Roethlisberger penalty on the Steelers, despite the undeniable money aspect of Favre’s (at least previous) appeal to TV viewers, if these allegations prove to have legs, Goodell will have to act swiftly and harshly.

Favre being sidelined due to conduct unbecoming to the League may or may not have pre-empted Favre being ineffective due to injury, age, and/or not being in synch with the offense.  Regardless, the Vikings bet the farm on Favre.  However, given the Swedish Lutheran sensibilities of the average Vikings fan, injury or age would be a less bitter pill to swallow.

I fully suspect that the upcoming Monday Night Football game will have record-breaking viewership – not that I expect anything to develop between now and Monday.  But if there is something to the story, the NFL will be the second biggest loser next to the Vikings.

10-09-10 Update:  NBC reporting that “the investigation undoubtedly won’t be fully concluded before the end of the 2010 season.”  Wow.

10-09-10 Update:  Smart people in the know – why wouldn’t this be resolved before the end of the 2010 season?

10-10-10 Update:  NBC’s Mike Florio “…Favre’s alleged actions potentially give rise to liability for the NFL and one or more of its member clubs.  (More on that aspect of the situation is coming.)  Thus, the league has even more reason in a case like this to take action.”

10-10-10 Update:  Worth watching to see if ESPN continues to give this meager coverage until after Monday Night Football.

10-10-10 Update:  Nothing on the ESPN web site, but NBC reports that Chris Mortensen reported on ESPN’s Sunday Countdown “Mortensen suggests that the investigation could be wrapped up in four-to-six weeks, and that Favre potentially could end the season under suspension.”

10-10-10 Update: NFL review of ex-Jets QB Brett Favre’s conduct will be done ‘ASAP’

10-10-10 Update:  ESPN – Chris Mortensen reports on the NFL’s continued investigation regarding inappropriate voicemails and photos allegedly sent by Brett Favre in 2008

10-11-2010 Update:  My prediction – if the League takes action, if more women come forward, Favre will go into rehab and we will discover that there has been a relapse with regard to pain killer addiction and that the relapse first occurred in New York.

10-16-2010 Update:  “But we doubt that the NFL will give credence to the notion that Favre did something “wrong” by publicly announcing a decision to fine or otherwise discipline Favre, absent proof of harassment.”

10-16-2010 Update:  Wranglers, Tractor and Smartphone sold separately.

10-21-2010 Update “If “potential remedies” are going to be pursued, the pursuit will need to commence fairly quickly. The statue of limitations for sexual harassment claims typically is only two years, and this conduct happened in 2008. If the last alleged act happened before October 21, 2008, she needs to do pursue her remedies today.”

10-24-2010 Update: Lawyer:  Favre can’t buy off Sterger

10-27-2010 Update: Bret Favre Should Bench Himself

10-30-2010 Update: Shocking news: Brett Favre expects to play

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