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Dawn’s World Weekly News 10 08 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

This is not a breeze in, breeze out link.  I’ve watched it twice and it has challenged me in a number of new ways.  Via @JustinKownacki  – Life Lessons: A Stephen Fry Interview

“Mr. and Ms. Executive, tear down those silos!” A great post by @MargieClayman:  Social Media vs Public Relations vs Customer Service in a three way, online DEATH-MATCH!!!!!

This weekend I discovered a cool new (to me) blog, Circle of Ignorance.  Here’s a two-fer from @Karen5Lund Seven Things I Shouldn’t Need to Tell You about Social Media and When the Unexpected Happens.

From @MenWithPens What to Do When Customers Haggle

More on Social Media in the form of a read “6 Timely Tips for Twitter Success” and a really cool map (thanks @pushing social !)

One Response to Dawn’s World Weekly News 10 08 2010

  1. Wow! Blekko scores some points.

    I’ve been checking out Blekko, although for a long time I’ve been a Google fan. So did a test search of my Twitter handle, which is also a custom URL at a couple of other social network sites. Lo and behold, I found this mention of my blog… How had I missed it until now?

    Thank you so much, Dawn! You were correct, by the way, about Circle of Ignorance being new; I only started it in August and was quiet about it until I had a “quorum” of posts in early September. I appreciate the kind words, especially as I have been reading and enjoying many of your own posts.

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