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Dawn’s World Weekly News 10 01 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

You have to have a pretty interesting take to make this list, but you have be interesting and mention *me* to be awarded the highly-coveted, life-changing, follower-attracting, TV-sitcom-contract-pending, top spot on this list. @RLMadMan does both with c’mon. Vogue!

The week’s most awkward interview:  Jim Mora channels his inner Bob Knight.  Testy dude.

Bill Simmons @sportsguy33 asks “The NFC West has lost 58 percent of its games since 2002. Fifty-eight percent! Why should the division champ be grandfathered in every year like some drunk legacy kid at a country club?” and proposes a fascinating new divisional structure for the NFL.

In more serious news, a look at news coverage and distribution by @j2_whittington  The #UTshooting and Why Social Media is Here to Stay.  His blog is excellent; I encourage you to click around and sample several posts.

More on Social Media @WriterChanelle created this Awesome Chat-at-a-Glance calendar.

OK.  Down to business with two good ones:

“What to Do When Your Prospects Don’t Get It”  and “When strengths attack”

We started with fun, let’s end with some fun.  Unapologetic, sophomoric humor.  “Smokey this is not ‘Nam, this is bowling.  There are rules.

4 Responses to Dawn’s World Weekly News 10 01 2010

  1. Wow. I’d like to thank God and my country for helping me win this award…um…:)

    You’re sweet 🙂

  2. LOL Marjorie – once again thank you BOTH for all your support I really appreciate it.

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