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Twitter for Beginners Part 13 – 7 Reasons to Attend #tweetdiner

If you are new to Twitter, or maybe like me an advanced beginner, I encourage you to attend the #tweetdiner chat on Saturday nights (9:00e8:00c) co-hosted by @pushingsocial and @MargieClayman.  Here is a description of #tweetdiner.

Here are 7 reasons to participate:

  1. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. One of our co-hosts has an unblemished record of being locked out at some point during the chat.  I believe the over/under for this Saturday night is 26 minutes.
  3. One of our co-hosts signs off promptly but allows us to stick around and lock up before we leave.
  4. It’ll put you in touch with folks who are very nurturing towards beginners.
  5. It’s a place where you can ask questions about Twitter and get answers (you might get a variety of answers – but you’ll get answers).
  6. If you’ve never attended a Twitter chat, this is probably the best place to start, before you tackle the fire hose that is #blogchat.
  7. We are a very diverse group – background, expertise level, personality, geography – very likely there is somebody you’ll be very glad you met.

So, you’re sold on attending, but you don’t know how this whole chat thing works.  Here’s how I do it:  I use TweetDeck as a Twitter dashboard.  It allows you to set up columns.  You click on the + and in the search field enter #tweetdiner and a column will come up that shows all the tweet related to the chat.  Every tweet should include #tweetdiner – as that is the way that the column will pick up all tweets from the chat.  If there is someone who can explain this better, or how it works on another interface – please use comments to explain.

I hope to see you Saturday night!

5 Responses to Twitter for Beginners Part 13 – 7 Reasons to Attend #tweetdiner

  1. Wow, thanks Dawn!!!

    That’s awesome 😀

    I hope I make it all the way through this time. Sheesh. 🙂

  2. Great overview Dawn! #TweetDiner is my first experience with twitter chats. And, I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. Marjorie @RLMadMan and Sanford @pushingsocial do a great job of mixing good content with casual conversation while making every person who joins the chat feel welcome. You will get your questions answered and make a few new friends along the way.

  3. Kenny Rose says:

    Hi Dawn

    Thanks for the break down on #tweetdiner. The folks at #tweetdiner have been great. This is a great place to cut your teeth and ask questions of a supportive group of diners.

    Also The Twitter for beginners series is fantastic. I have picked up a lot of useful information and guidance. As a newbie it’s quite difficult to get into the flow of tweeting and how to use all the different tools available. Thanks for making the process a whole lot easier.

    Cheers 🙂

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