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Dawn’s World Weekly News 09 24 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

Fascinating  infographic of the racial division of 40 U.S. cities.

Nonprofits lead the way in Social Media deployment.

Good post written by @RLMadMan on @pushingsocial ‘s blog:  How to blog with Power

Speaking of power, I also enjoyed How to build a content time bomb.

@juliebhunt had some very good advice for SMB / Mid-Market B2B Software vendors – Findability + web presence + social: attracting the “customer as buyer”.

The best thing about my trip to Hawaii a couple years ago was watching the humpback whales breach.  There’s a contest on when the first humpback will be sighted this fall.

I started you with a visual, I’ll leave you with a visual – look no further, finally, Rap Taxonomy at a glance.  You’re Welcome.

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