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Dawn’s World Weekly News 09 17 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week:

On Saturday I clicked on a link to an article called “The Important Information Will Get to Me.”  The author talked about how more and more he had no need to subscribe to RSS feeds, newsletters and the like because he could rely on Digg and other aggregators as well as his Tweet stream to alert him to the most important information.  He concluded with an invitation to subscribe to receive his blog alerts.  Delicious irony.

I’ve often wondered what a paid off mortgage will feel like.  Have you ever wondered what a trillion dollars looked like?  Wonder no more.  And before you click on the link, extend your pinky and say “one trillion dollars” in your best Dr. Evil voice.

Great listing of Twitter Chats.  I have learned so much and met some super smart generous folks via Twitter chats that I have become quite an advocate.  This is a shortcut to a wide variety of chats that are out there.  Also a new chat will be starting on Saturday nights at 9:00p ET #Tweetdiner which will be hosted by @RLMadMan and @pushingsocial – I plan on being there.

Probably the best post I read this week was “To Get Monstrous Results Are Our Customers Prepared For Monstrous Change?”  Sales and Marketing people should be putting their heads together to address this issue. Right this minute.  Now.

One of the reasons I am such an enthusiastic proponent of social media is that I believe it levels the playing field for small business.  In the old days it was virtually impossible to out-spend the big guys.  Today, through social media, there is the opportunity to out-communicate, out-perform and out-wow them – because we don’t have to rely on a gatekeeper to provide access.  Therefore “We now earn the relationships, trust, and reputation we deserve”  great post by @jaybaer – The Chicken and the Egg Social Media Conundrum

The ever practical, ever helpful John Jantsch delivers with Getting the right kind of links to your blog and website @ducttape

And last, but not least, an example of the incredible generosity of the good people on Twitter, @bethharte took the time to answer my questions on customer-centric organization and social media.  She went above and beyond and I am blown away at her generous response to my questions.

4 Responses to Dawn’s World Weekly News 09 17 2010

  1. Dave Brock says:

    Dawn, thanks for the nice comments on my blog post “To Get Monstrous Results Are Our Customers Prepared For Monstrous Change?” I really appreciate them. Regards, Dave

  2. Hi Dawn,

    Nice summary and thanks for these tidbits and recommendations. I rely on posts like this from the likes of @RLMadMan @PushingSocial and others to “sift through the murk” to find the stand out content. I just don’t have time to do it otherwise.

    Like them, I appreciate your insight and recommendations. Thanks!

    It was also great to speak with you last night at the #tweetdiner. I look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months. If you have time, I am guest hosting an #MMchat on Monday evening at 8pm EST. I have been asked to speak about online demand generation. I hope to see you there and look forward to your insights as part of the conversation.


    Jeff – Sensei

    • Dawn says:

      Jeff – thank you for the kind words. I very much enjoy compiling these posts. I enjoyed the inaugural #tweetdiner – it was smart and fun! Looking forward to #MMchat. Thanks for stopping by!

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