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Back to the Basics

About 50 percent of my time is spent writing; writing the blog, writing articles, writing content for my clients to name just a few.  (If you don’t feel like you’ve been writing a lot lately too – there might be a problem.)

One of the most instructive experiences of the summer for me was writing dozens of customer solution stories on behalf of my clients.  With each profile I completed – I became a more efficient writer, a better interviewer and most importantly a more careful listener.  Quotes, for the most part, result in better content.  You can hear a voice.  You notice a different vocabulary.

Upon completing this writing I found myself sensitive to words that I repeatedly used.  It probably wouldn’t bother the reader as they wouldn’t read all of the copy as closely as I did, but it really bothered me.

I have a battered Webster’s next to me at all times.  I also have a wonderful little book called Words That Sell by Richard Bayan.  But I needed more.

So I trolled around Amazon and bought a new, paperback Roget’s A – Z Thesaurus and a wonderful reference book called Choose the Right Word A contemporary Guide to Selecting the Precise Word for Every Situation by S. I. Hayakawa.

As inbound marketing becomes more prevalent, not only will you need to provide compelling content but you will need to make the read easy for your visitor – keeping the jargon to a minimum, making the copy crisp and easy to follow, providing a positive visitor experience that will hopefully be the first installments of a long term positive customer experience.

5 Responses to Back to the Basics

  1. Traci Browne says:

    Wonderful reminders and thank you for the tip on “Choosing the Right Word” – Amazon here I come!

    I also can recommend “The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier” by Bonnie Trenga. It’s fun to read and cures us of our lazy writing habits.

  2. Funny…I was saying to myself today…I need a Thesaurus. Perfect time to read your post. Thanks. I’ll be calling my bookstore tomorrow.

  3. […] the end, as Dawn Westerberg points out in her post Back to the Basics, blogging is writing, and writing needs to be compelling. Good advice […]

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