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Twitter for Beginners Part 12 – How to be a Generous, Reasonable and Still Engaged Follower

I realize that there are people who are only on Twitter for the numbers and that as soon as you follow them, they are unfollowing you and off to the next person, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  There is a new tool, Nutshell Mail from Constant Contact, that helps you identify the flaky.

So yes, if you follow me, I will follow you back, until you give me a reason not to.  This is because I remember what it is like to be a newbie and looking to get engaged – and those very generous folks who followed me, tweeted with me in the early days up until the present.  Most of the time it was a roll of the dice, but I have to say that serendipity has resulted in me getting to know so many incredible people on Twitter, that I am willing to take a chance on new followers.

Enter Nutshell Mail.  It’s a service by Constant Contact.  You register, allow access to your Twitter account, and select settings to manage your account.  What I like about Nutshell Mail is that it will alert me to who has unfollowed me.  That allows me to unfollow them.  Why the tit for tat? Because there is a limit based on the followers to following ratio that Twitter enforces.  So if someone is being opportunistic with me, I can no longer afford to be generous – as it would prevent me from following those who are more interested in truly connecting.

The one thing I don’t like about Nutshell Mail is that if click to unfollow someone, it creates a Tweet to them announcing the unfollow courtesy of Nutshell Mail.  (I dislike unfollow drama.  As I’ve written elsewhere, unfollow and be done with it.  What is the point of announcing it?  Why have an online tantrum?)  You can ignore the auto Tweet; I just wish it wasn’t part of the process.

I use TweetDeck and my lists to keep engaged.  From time to time I will go out to the Twitter.com feed, but for the most part I’m on TweetDeck.

I need to do some work on my lists, but for the most part they are working well.

I have a vanity feed in TweetDeck so that I can thank those who have RTd me.  There are differing views on thanking people for RTs.  Some view the thank you tweet as being self-serving and cluttering up the feed.  I don’t.  I view a RT much like I view a business referral.  If someone is kind enough to share my tweets with their network, I will thank them.

I also prefer TweetDeck to Twitter.com because when I am RTing others, I can add a comment – which you can’t do through Twitter.  I don’t always add a comment, but it’s nice to have the ability to do so when I have the time and space for additional characters.

This is my 12th installment of Twitter for Beginners.  I am surprised and grateful at how popular these posts are – and the folks that return for the new additions.  Please utilize the comments if there is something about Twitter you’d like me to write about.  I write Twitter for Beginners because I still consider myself a beginner.  As I learn stuff, I share it.  So be sure to add comments if you’ve found some helpful Twitter tips.

4 Responses to Twitter for Beginners Part 12 – How to be a Generous, Reasonable and Still Engaged Follower

  1. Ken Rosen says:

    I agree. A simple tool that reports unfollows and allows a no-drama unfollow would be helpful. I’m still looking.
    Cheers, Ken

    • Dawn says:

      I use nutshell mail – and unfortunately they have a default that encourages you to let them know you’ve unfollowed – but I manually ignore that alert.

  2. Karen Bice says:

    Dawn, great posting! I agree with you about Nutshell Mail. I had to find something simple to alert me to unfollows for same reasons as yours. I don’t know anything about the email you mentioned the unfollowed received though. I’ve only had one problem when unfollowing someone & when she wanted to know why I unfollowed her, I felt that she needed the truth since she couldn’t figure it out for herself. She posted way too many tweets which became annoying. And the tweets were long and personal. Anyway, I enjoy your blog postings. Thanks!

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for the comment. It’s not an email, but rather a default, auto-generated tweet that announces that you are unfollowing using Nutshell. You can click past it (and I do). Otherwise, it’s a very handy tool.

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