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Good Marketing is Memorable, Valuable and Frequent

The question from business owners looking to improve their marketing is always “What works?”  The truth is, when done well, any marketing tactic works.  When executed poorly, no matter how expensive or sparkly, they fail.

As long as your marketing is memorable, valuable and frequent, regardless of which particular tactic or combination of tactics you use, you will enjoy positive results.  But there is some prep work that you need to do first.

Step one is to understand your target market.  Who is an ideal candidate?  Who can afford you?  Who understands the value of your products and services?  Then it’s necessary to compile a list of people who fit the profile.  Once you have a list, you can begin to think about how to reach out to them.

The more targeted your list, the greater the opportunity for your message to be memorable.  You can speak to the particular challenges they face in the language of their industry. Accurately depicting their challenges show that you understand what they face and it serves to increase the trust that you can handle the problem.   Humor or creativity is another way to be memorable.  Instead of sending the typical email blast – send a three dimensional package with a creative theme.  Or consider making a video that humorously depicts a key message.

Within your communication, provide something of value.  Sometimes offering something educational such as a white paper or webinar can be of value.  As an expert, your time is valuable.  You may want to weigh how the prospect might regard the offer of a free hour of process review or a system evaluation.  Other offers of value may come in the form of special pricing on a purchase or a discounted event registration fee.

Finally good marketing is frequent.  The more frequent your communication, the greater the chances your message and brand will be top of mind when the prospect decides to act.  If you are only touching your list a couple times a year, they may not remember you when their critical business issue becomes so painful they are motivated to take action.  By having a highly targeted list, you keep the number of contacts to a reasonable amount, making frequent communication affordable.

Have fun with your marketing.  You are providing great products and services for your customers and you should feel confident about that.  One tip is to develop a number of pieces at once.  Often it is easier to spend a day or two developing your marketing campaigns – your creative juices are flowing and often it is just as easy to create 3 or 4 pieces as it is one.  Many find it difficult to make have to go through the creation process each and every month.

Follow these guidelines.  Spend some time developing a strong list.  Draft a list of marketing pieces that are memorable, valuable and frequent.  Then execute on that plan.  When done consistently, the memorable valuable and frequent will deliver profitable results.

6 Responses to Good Marketing is Memorable, Valuable and Frequent

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  3. Good read. The part that stuck out for me the most was the emphasis on knowing your audience. Although many people in media and marketing re-iterate this, many agencies working on campaigns still seem to forget the importance of identifying your audience. Or at times their research isn’t as thorough as it should be and aspects of their audience that should be targeted are not.

    I helped the SFSPCA with a campaign to help bring awareness of “kitty season” which was just about to hit. The shelter was going to have a crazy amount of kittens available for adoption and we wanted their audience to be aware of this. However, we knew we wanted to make this awareness campaign special and unique—*that* is what their audience liked.

    We launched the little-viral-video-that-could called “Cat Romance” by Meow Meow, a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. With her being incredibly popular as an entertainer, we felt it would resonate well with not only the general public, but with their local audience as well. We made sure to give it a humorous and odd spin. The video was a huge hit, being talked about on numerous blogs (including the ASPCAPro blog and Beth Kanter’s blog), and has received 17,000+ views to date. It was a hit, and part of the reason why was because we made sure to make it current *and* something that would resonate with their audience.

    Check it out for yourself when you have a moment…

    Thanks again for the post, great read.

  4. Thanks for the response Dawn.

    Reading over my initial comment I realized I hadn’t been informative enough about “Cat Romance” . This is a good reminder to not write comments when you’re jetlagged, ha. Anyhow, what I was trying to point out was that the SFSPCA’s audience liked the fuzzy, cute, and warm stories about animals, but just as important, they also wanted that content to be unique and different. I think because the SFSPCA is based in San Francisco, their audience takes pride in being “different” from other animal communities, which may not be as active and radical-thinking as they are at times. That is part of the reason why “Cat Romance” resonated so well: not only was it sweet, but it was also unique.

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