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Inbound Marketing is Here to Stay – So put down the stick and light some candles

“This [abandoning the hunt in favor of inbound marketing] is a very significant mind-set, one that is central to the highly converged business.  Instead of whacking the bushes for game, you begin lighting candles lining the many paths home.  No one ever really liked being hunted or shouted at in the first place, and caller ID, TiVo, e-mail filtering, pop-up blockers, Do Not Call registries, CAN-SPAM, and satellite radio all owe their existence in some part to our desire to block out unwanted messages.” John Jantsch, The Referral Engine

I love this illustration.  It means we have to slow down and think, engage that prefrontal lobe which we reflexively resist.  But with time, it gets easier and more importantly the rewards are more lucrative and enduring.

So what are some of the tangible things we can do that are the equivalent of “candles lining the many paths home”?

We can spend more time with our customers and take a new approach to our deliverables by looking at them from the customer’s perspective.  What are their needs?  What are their questions?  What are the problems needing to be solved?

We can then answer the questions and deliver the information utilizing a number of different vehicles.

For example, let’s say that you host a webinar, we’ll call it “6 Ways an Annual System Review can stave off disaster.”  Following the webinar you can repurpose the script into 6 blog articles (available on your website, flickering and leading the way 24/7).

What are the concerns that every business shares?  Legal. Accounting. Marketing. HR. Gadgets. Time Management. Be the aggregator.  Find experts in these areas and make them available to your customers through events, newsletters, and your blog.  Again, this will take time and mental effort – but again, remember the rewards.  Not only will you be providing great service to your customers, you will be developing a group of strategic alliance (referral) partners.  Also, your customers will begin to look to you for recommendations – what a great way to get ideas on how to expand your product offering or your tribe of alliance partners.

Starting today, let’s put down the stick.  Please share your comments for lining the path home.

7 Responses to Inbound Marketing is Here to Stay – So put down the stick and light some candles

  1. Great post Dawn. Our agency has been lighting candles to our site via inbound marketing for the last eight months or so. We have seen a exponential increase in our visitors, opportunities and new clients, which coincides with our content efforts. Last April we had our first webinar and have used the recorded webinar and accompanying eBook as permanent quality content to our site. Webinars are now a permanent and important element to our inbound marketing plans.

    With more success stories, both our own and our client we are battling less stick wielding naysayers.


  2. Ryan Malone says:

    It’s all about discipline. No matter what level of resources you can allocate to inbound marketing, be diligent and consistent. And don’t forget to leverage LinkedIn groups to start buildig leads for your content while you are getting your blog readership off the ground.

    Ryan Malone
    SmartBug Media
    An inbound marketing agency and Hubspot Partner

  3. Clark Haley says:

    I’m a little behind on my ready, and I often have to skim over blogs/articles that I’ve set aside for the future. Blogs like this are worth a thorough read and re-read. Thanks for the insights, Dawn.

  4. B2B Leads says:

    Excellent analogy Dawn.

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