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The Junk Drawer 13

In addition to the sentiments that Beloved Son shared with me, the best Mother’s Day Gift came in the form of God stimulating the needed brain cell to recall my LinkedIn password.  I realized, literally a day after my Sage email was closed down, that the LinkedIn account was anchored to that email and that I had no earthly idea what my password was.

I sent a request for help to LinkedIn last weekend and got the following bone-chilling response:

Upholding member privacy is our top priority especially when it comes to keeping personally identifiable information confidential. Unfortunately, because you no longer have access to the primary e-mail address on the account (or are unable to contact us from another address you had listed under the account) we are unable to do any of the following:

1. Reset your password.
2. Update your account.
3. Transfer/merge account information to another account.

Although we are working towards a better solution to this issue in the future, your best option at this time is to create a new account and profile and then re-invite your connections. Please reply with one of the following items and I will be happy to assist you in closing the account as quickly as possible:

1. The URL that links directly to the Profile you want removed. Do a search using your name in the ‘LinkedIn People Search’ or in your Internet browser search feature. Once you find the exact Profile you want to remove, please copy and send me the full URL address shown in your browser. LinkedIn’s Public Profile URL format begins with ‘www.linkedin.com’ for members living in the USA and many international countries. For members living in certain countries the Public Profile URL format will begin with a 2 letter country code based on the country listed in the Profile settings of the member’s account.
2. The email address (or possible email addresses) associated with the account to be removed.
3. The exact way your name is listed on our site or any alternate names you may have used.

Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this may cause. However, I hope you find enough value in the LinkedIn network to create that new account and understand that this policy provides security to you and prevents others from gaining access to your personal information for mischievous reasons.

I’m not blaming them for the policy.  But I was bumming out big time.  I had 400+ connections.  If I can’t remember one password, what were the chances I’d remember half the folks I’d connected with?

Have I told you lately that I love you?  Imagine Van Morrison singing and a Casey Kasem dedication to you from me.  Thank you for all the well wishes and the wonderful comments about how much you like the blog – it is all so affirming and appreciated.

I went to Home Depot today and bought new plants for the patio.  Hopefully I will be able to enjoy a few contemplative glasses of wine with the new greenery before the deer chew them down to nubs.  I’ve include pictures of them in the event they are short lived.

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  2. Wayne Schulz says:

    Dawn this is a really good post. Until I read this I hadn’t given a thought to what might happen to an employee who suddenly did not have access to their email account to verify these accounts.

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  4. gwen says:

    Dawn, I’m so glad you recovered your password! Funny, but just today I was thinking ” I should really put together a comprehensive list of all my new logins and passwords.”

    Now that I’m the gatekeeper of our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and the new WordPress blog, I have passwords and URLS and logins…and ….and I tried to keep them all the same, but you know how that goes. This site needs 6 characters, just letters. That site needs letters, plus numbers, plus you must add a % or a # or a * in order to create a usable password. And then, if you’re LUCKY, the password you choose isn’t already being used by another gatekeeper of social media sites…ugh…Glad you got logged in.

    I will admit, and only to you, that I have a program on my computer, that allows you to keep all your passwords in one place — but…I forgot the password to log in.

    • Dawn says:

      I was being proactive on a lot of my accounts…but the LinkedIn account fell through the cracks. When I got their email and it hit me that I would lose my 400+ connections, I freaked out, and then I went digging through all my notebooks and listed every password I had ever used and then started trying them out. Now I’ve got index cards for all my different accounts. I’m just glad there was a happy ending.

  5. Laura Kasman says:

    My buddy, Amir, told me about a great product called RoboForm which keeps all logins and passwords safe and allows you to print them out for safekeeping should you desire to do so. I have over 75 logins and passwords and this has been a sanity saver! And all for $30. Laura

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