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Twitter for Beginners Part 8 – Add Facebook Column to TweetDeck Stream

I was asked about this at ITA and from Mom_Corps – how do you add a Facebook column to your TweetDeck Stream.  There are several versions of TweetDeck out there, but this is how it works on the version I’m using v0.33.2:

1.  Launch TweetDeck

2.  Click on “settings” – the little icon that looks like a wrench on the upper right

3. On the left hand menu bar, click on “Accounts”

4.  In the middle of your screen you will see an “Account List”

5.  To the right of the “Account List”, click on the “Add New Account” button

6.  You will see tabs for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn

7. Click on Facebook

8. TweetDeck will ask for your Facebook user name and password

9.  Enjoy your new Facebook column on your TweetDeck stream!

Please feel free to correct me, link to a tutorial video or other instructions.  Good luck!

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