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Twitter for Beginners Part 7: When a list of 1835 suddenly becomes 14,885

Imagine that you are putting together an email marketing campaign.  You carefully craft the message.  You thoughtfully create a compelling subject line.  You upload your list of 1835 contacts and send it off.

Now imagine that 4 of the people that received your email were so impressed with the messaging that they in turn sent it off to their list of contacts.  The first person sends it off to 508 contacts.  The second sends it off to 4733 contacts.  The third sends it to 1364 contacts.  And the fourth sends it off to 6445 people.

Instead of reaching 1835, you have now gained exposure to 14,885.  But that would never happen, right?

But that’s exactly what happened with a blog post of mine over the last 24 hours.  I posted the article on Sunday and sent out a Tweet with a link.  Yesterday, while I was working on my day job and then that evening while I was speaking at ASWA in Austin, 4 different people ReTweeted my link, sharing my post with 508, 4733, 1364 and 6445 of their followers.

It was roughly a year ago that I started my blog and started participating on Twitter in earnest.  I have built my following to 1835 and there are some wonderful, wonderful people included in that number.  Through their judgment that my post was of value, I had access to 14,885 people.

That number blows my mind.  Had I, a year ago, started building a list based on my own research and efforts, I highly doubt that I would have collected 14,885 names by now.

That is the power of this platform.

I have been teased about how much time I spend on Twitter.  “Who cares what someone’s having for breakfast?”  I think the results and the value speak for themselves.  As I’ve said before, Twitter is very easy to use, but difficult to use well.

As I look back on the past 12 months, I can’t imagine a better way of developing reach and solid networks.

Ignore at your own risk.

4 Responses to Twitter for Beginners Part 7: When a list of 1835 suddenly becomes 14,885

  1. Way to go Dawn! You’ve put in the time and now get the benefits. Great inspirational story for those of us back at month 3 🙂

    • dwesterberg says:

      Hang in there – from my view it is definitely worth the time spent. Thank you so much for the visit and sharing!

  2. Thanks for the heartening story Dawn! It is so encouraging for us newbies to find glimmers of hope between all of the tweets and posts. Love your style.

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