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Facebook for Beginners – Part 1

“Michael, we’re bigger than U.S. Steel.”

Something remarkable happened in mid March:  the most visited site on the internet for the week of March 8 – 14 was Facebook, not Google.  More on this here:  http://www.yousaytoo.com/facebook-is-bigger-than-google-in-usa/224067

Over the weekend, while doing my blog reading, a similar theme kept coming up: a proficiency in social media is the number one skill set needed in the market.  And, that this skill set is best complimented by getting back to basic communication skills:  writing, speaking, and networking to name just a few.

The excuse of “not having time” for social media – that’s over.  It is now time to permanently banish comments like “Why do I care what people are having for lunch?” or “I don’t care about Farmville and that’s all that’s happening on Facebook”.

When you here business owners voicing comments like that – make a mental note to see where they are in a year.

Are things like Farmville and Mafia Wars rampant on Facebook?  Yes.  But it’s not an excuse to ignore the platform.

As with my Twitter for Beginner series, I will be writing a series on how to leverage Facebook for your business.

For starters begin by opening up a Facebook account, you can invite me to be a friend.  Here are a couple of informational sites you can follow:




2 Responses to Facebook for Beginners – Part 1

  1. Christine Kless says:

    Can’t wait for the second installment!

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