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Keep Raising the Bar

In early January, I hopped into a challenge offered by one of my Twitter friends.  It was 100 blog articles in 100 days and we were to use the hash tag #100blogs.

While I fell short of 100 in 100 – it was the best thing I could have done for my blog and for myself.  I had a goal.  I was shooting for something.  Given where I am as a blogger, it was a long shot at best.  But even in falling short, in my quest to meet the challenge, I produced much more than I would have had I not joined the challenge.

The pressure and the desire to try to keep up with the goal changed the way I looked at my writing and the events of the day.  There was an ever present question ‘Could I blog about this?’ and ‘Is there a lesson in this?’ that sharpened my listening and my observation.

If you are a consultant and/or you engage in consultative sales, I believe that one of the best things you can do is write a blog and drive traffic to that blog via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here are some ideas for every consultant:

  1. Begin with a notebook or note pad (electronic or paper) and jot down the essence of every topic or idea that would be grist for a blog article as well as many bullet points as you have time for.  Use these notes when you sit down to write.
  2. Think of what your ultimate Word Cloud (Category Cloud) would look like.  Given your business, what should those words be?  Hint:  they shouldn’t be just your products and services, but also your strategic markets, e.g. QSRs, Hospitality, Nonprofit, Healthcare, Rental Companies, Florists, Construction, Government, etc., as well as their challenges and interests.
  3. Think about the issues that come up, in the heat of the sales cycle, where your prospects may be inclined to make a bad decision – write about those issues and post them on their blog.  What this does is plant the seed with future prospects as to what to be wary of – for example another firm coming in, dramatically discounting to get the business and not making enough money to manage the project correctly.  What seems like a $3000 savings can cost 10X that with a horrible implementation and threadbare follow up support.

Your market is culling information and making purchasing decisions in a dramatically different way than they did even two years ago.  They need to be able to Google and find you.  They need to be led to a web site/blog that speaks to the issues they are facing and provides valuable information on solutions.  They want to see that you’ve faced and accomplished this before.  They want to know your approach, be educated on your methodology, and feel confident that you are an expert.

Write your way to top of mind.

2 Responses to Keep Raising the Bar

  1. Great Post, Dawn. Let’s do the 100/100 challenge in the Sage channel. You can count me in!

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